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3/18/2017 - In honor of Saint Patrick's Day 2017, I have added a Discount Code to allow you to save $200 on a school license for The Teachers Journal! - that's a lot of green.  Just download, install and evaulate The Teachers Journal for up to 30 days.  If after trying the program you decide you want to buy a license just go to the order page and use the Discount Code IRISH.  

Then when you place your order you will have saved $200 making your cost $150.  NOTE:  Don't place your order without at least trying the program.  We want your money, but only if you have tried the program out on your own computer.  The discount code will be available for 60 days.  

The Teachers Journal has just been upgraded with a new look and new features.  For years The Teachers Journal has helped educators and school administrators document incidents of student behavior and to be better prepared for those meetings with disbelieving parents.  Previously,TJJ included the ability to include student photos with incident reports.  The Teachers Journal had also been available in app format for Smart Phones.  In this latest release a web hosted option which means absolutely nothing for teachers, administrators or IT staff to install (Just a web site address (URL) hosted either on this site or your own web hosting service or school server.) - unless you want to use just the Microsoft Windows based desktop application.  We believe the most popular option will be a school license with your IT staff installing the desktop application for Principals and Guidance Counselors to use while teachers will use their browser to login to the web server - all connected to the same database on the schools web server.  Since the school license is perpetual - no annual subscription - this is also the most cost effective option for schools with a good Information Technology Staff.

The desktop application can be installed by schools that purchase a license on a server sharing either a Microsoft Access database or a Microsoft SQL Server database with as many teachers as desired logging in to the shared database - or a local installation for each teacher, guidance counselor or administrator that wants to use the program at no per user charge.  In addition, when a school purchases a license to remove their trial limitation for the Microsoft Windows desktop application, they will also be able to install the web interface at no additional charge.  The web pages are not provided in the trial download but a link will be provided to licensed users after the school purchase a license.  

You can download a fully functional version of the desktop application - The Teachers Journal - here.  A simple users manual can be downloaded here or viewed online in your browser here.          

Click the download button to evaluate The Teachers Journal for up to 30 days.   

Then, if you believe as I do that your school staff (teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators) will benefit from a school license to the The Teachers Journal click the Buy Now button to buy a license for just $350 for a perpetual license with no additional costs.  

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